Harimau Sumatera

Harimau Sumatera

Festival Gathapraya

Plan Dialogue

Muhammad Raihan Salman Maulana Faris Muhannad Luthfi X Science 7
Salman   : Hello, Ris. Do you have any plan for next week? Faris       : Hmmm i dunno, maybe i have no schedule next week Salman   : Great!!! because next week i will throw a party. Do you wanna come? Faris       : Sure, but where will the party be held? Salman   : The party will start at 9 pm in my yacht Faris       : Whooooaa you have a yacht? Salman   : No no i'm just kidding. The party will held at my backyard.  Faris       : Mmm, but why did you throw a party? What event is it? Salman   : It's my graduation party Faris       : Oww okay, i will come on time Salman   : Good, and don't forget bring your girlfriend too Faris       : I'm single you know!!! Salman   : Hahaha i'm just kidding Faris       : Oh okay. I will to go home now, see you on the party Salman   : Okay bye

An accident that made me go to the hospital

Back with me again. And now i will discuss about experience.
Do you guys have bad experiences? If you ask me, i have one bad experience

The story happened last year when i went to my cousins in Garut. I went to my cousins just for a vacation. I went alone from Cimahi used motorcycle and met my friend down the street. So i invited him to go with me. On the way to Garut, there is no accident. Me and my friend arrived safely to Garut. In Garut, we play together until we forget the time, so we decided to stay overnight. The next day me and my friend go back to our home. In Garut there is no accident. But when we arrived in Bandung, our motorcycle has crashed to other motorcycle causing serious injury. And my friend was fainted, because his head hit the sidewalk. I only suffered injuries to the hands. Me and my friend was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. I was very panicked. And our parents came with the same time to the hospital. Our parents is panicked too.I was treated…



Faris And Salman X Science 7
Salman was in the cafe alone. And Faris go to Salman for get acquainted

Faris       : "Hey man... who are you? are you new here?" Salman   : "Hey... yea i'm new here." Faris       : "What's your name?" Salman   : "Ma name is Salman. And you?" Faris       : "Ma name is Faris. Where do you live?" Salman   : "I live in Gadobangkong, London." Faris       : "Ahh... i know thah place. Ma granddaddy was lived there too." Salman   : "Really... what's your granddaddy name?' Faris       : "His name is Justin Zugebeg." Salman   : "Oh i know that old man. He is mayor in Gadobangkong. He is good at organizing ma town" Faris       : "Thanks man for the compliment." Salman   : "Sure, dude." Faris       : "Mmm okay i have to go now. Ma mom is waiting at home for me. I hope we can meet in another time. See ya!" S…

Me and my family

My name is Faris. I'm 15 years old. I was born in Cimahi. I was born on 7th of June 2002. I live at Gado Bangkong, more precisely at Awani no.5B. And now i'm sitting in 10th grade. I went to school in Senior High School 3 Bandung.

I have 1 elder sister, 1 younger brother, and 1 younger sister. First, is my elder sister. The name is Febri. My elder sister is 16 years old. She was born in Grobogan (Central Java). She was born on 7th of Februari 2001. And the second is my younger brother. The name is Altamis My younger brother is 3 years old. He was born in Cimahi. He was born on 2nd of July 2014. And the last is my younger sister. The name is Fidelya. She was born in Cimahi. She was born on 15th od December 2016.

My mother name's is Soeparti. Now she was 37 years old. She was born in Center Java. She was born on 25th of December 1980. My mother is an employee at the Ateja's factory. She is kind, beautyfull, and many more that i can't tell it.

And my father'…